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Upcountry Maui Real Estate

There's no shortage of interesting real estate choices in Upcountry Maui.
May 09, 2014

Upcountry Maui Real Estate

One of Maui's best qualities is the variability of its landscapes. No two places are alike. If balmy beach towns and remote rainforests aren't to your taste, what about a soothing pastoral setting on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala? The temperatures cool substantially as you make your way up from sea level to Makawao or Pukalani, and even more so as you reach the higher elevations of Kula, Olinda and Ulupalakua. Each of these places have their own unique qualities, and that means Upcountry Maui real estate is full of in upcountry maui

Pukalani - Situated on the lower slopes of Haleakala, you'll find the business hub of Upcountry. Most homes have a suburban quality to them, with lots surrounded by neighbors. The lifestyle that Pukalani offers is preferred by those who like to be close to the modern conveniences and engaged in a busier atmosphere. Getting from Pukalani to Central Maui is quicker than the other Upcountry areas, with Makawao a close second. Rainy days are rare in Pukalani, and even the clouds tend to avoid this location, so expect plenty of sun.

Makawao - Positioned at an elevation comparable to Pukalani, this charming town was once a bustling center of activity from the ranching days. In fact, Makawao Town looks like a page out of the old West, and some of that ranching culture is alive and well today. The businesses you'll find here include charming boutiques, a few of Maui's favorite restaurants, and lovely art galleries, among others. There's much more of a country feel to Makawao than Pukalani, and it definitely wins where character is concerned. It also gets more rain, usually in the form of drizzle. Be prepared to see lots of luminous rainbows. The further north you get, the more jungle you'll see mixed in with the green, grassy hills. You can find both suburban real estate communities and rural properties in Makawao, depending on your preference.

Olinda - Poised on the slopes above Makawao, you'll find the green, rural Olinda, where properties typically include large homes with plenty of land. Like Makawao, Olinda gets frequent light rain, which is why the landscape is so rich with greenery. The temperature gets significantly cooler the higher you go. While the drive to the conveniences of the lower elevation towns is longer, the Olinda lifestyle appeals to those who are looking for some combination of space, privacy, natural beauty, and in some cases, luxury. Along with the next two areas we'll go over, there are properties with truly stunning views, particularly of the North Shore in Olinda's case.

Kula - Next door to Olinda in a southerly direction, you'll find Kula, which is also perched above Pukalani. The breadth of land encompassed by Kula is quite vast, and if you search for real estate in this area, you'll probably notice references to Upper Kula and Lower Kula properties. The differences mainly involve temperature and travel time to get to and from home. Rain is infrequent in Kula, but unlike the lower elevation Pukalani, the sky tends to provide a mix of sun and clouds, with more clouds toward the higher elevations. Both Upper and Lower Kula properties are rural, and homes tend to come with plenty of land, but there are some neighborhoods where homes are a bit more tight knit. Considering the size of Kula, there are a lot of listings to choose from. Some properties have tremendous bi-coastal views.

Ulupalakua - For our last stop on the Upcountry real estate tour, there's Ulupalakua, which is situated in a southerly direction from Kula, with views of the sparkling South Shore ocean. Properties in this area tend to be more exclusively rural than Kula, while the temperature and the weather are both comparable. This is the most remote of all the Upcountry areas, and its residents like it that way, despite the long drive to Pukalani and downtown.  There are very few businesses here, aside from The Winery and Grandma's Coffee House, both of which are charming and well worth frequenting. Many residents of Ulupalakua keep livestock. The lifestyle here is especially peaceful, quiet and laid back.

That's it for Upcountry Maui real estate! We hope we've given you a sense of the flavor you'll find in each of the major Upcountry areas to help you get a sense of which place will suit you best. If you have any further questions, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We'd be happy to assist you. Mahalo! - By Mark Harbison

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