AirMed Expanding Fleet in Hawaii

July 24, 2009

The latest interesting news coming down the pipeline for Maui is that AirMed Hawaii announced on Friday that it’s going to increase its medical transport service fleet to five aircraft.

AirMed currently has three aircraft and plans to add a long-range jet and a fourth inter-island short range aircraft. The long-range jet will be used for urgent transports to the mainland from facilities including Oahu’s Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

AirMed is the only air transport for Kapiolani Pediatric and Neonatal Teams, so the expansion should be well recieved. AirMed is an Oahu-based company, and the new aircraft are being outfitted at AirMed Hawaii’s parent facility in Birmingham, Alabama. The crafts should arrive in Hawaii in about two months. The speed of this expansion is something to be appreciated, seeing as AirMed has only been based in Honolulu for three years.

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