Federal Funds Allocated for Maui County Schools

March 20, 2015

Education is an important factor in any family’s decision to move to a new place, especially when that place is as isolated as our island. Buying Maui real estate is generally a long-term decision. Knowing that your kids’ new schools are performing well and getting the proper funding from state and federal governments is like a ray of sunlight.

If you’re one of those prospective Maui home buyers, you may be interested to know that nearly $5 million has recently been allocated to local educational agencies in Maui County. It’s still in the preliminary allocation phase, which means the exact amounts are still to be determined, but in any case, the funds will be put to good use.

The US Department of Education has appropriated $47 million for Hawaii schools. About $10.6 million went to Hawaii County, $29 million to Honolulu County, and $2 million to Kauai County. The funds are intended to go to the schools that need them the most, with a focus on improving their teaching and learning processes. That means schools that are struggling to meet academic achievement requirements will get the boost they need for good performance standards.

The amount of funds allocated to each county was based on several factors, including per-pupil expenditures, poverty and population estimates. The final allocations should be released in June, later this year. They may differ a bit from the preliminary numbers. Perhaps we’ll check back on this development at that time! Meanwhile, if you need assistance finding the right real estate for your family’s home, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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