Government Job Growth in Hawaii

November 4, 2011

The latest news is that the number of government jobs in Hawaii has risen recently, and is counted among the 22 states in the nation that saw an increase in the number of federal, state and local jobs since 2007.

Job creation is among the very top priorities for residents on Maui, so progress in that direction is great to hear. Visitor spending this year has given the economy a major boost, increasing revenue generated on the island, despite a lag in construction jobs, which should also increase through some large, upcoming projects.

In September of 2007, there were 123,600 government jobs in Hawaii, and in September of this year, there were 124,700. It’s not a major leap, but any level of increase in employment is generally welcomed by residents.

The data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics by On Numbers. They also reported that Texas and Wyoming saw the largest growth in their government work forces, interestingly enough. California, on the other hand, saw the greatest decline.

Let’s hope the financial momentum that Hawaii and Maui have recently seen will continue, and the economy will keep climbing. There have been so many heartening financial trends, it is becoming more and more easy to foster optimism.

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