Hawaii Named Best State for Women’s Equality

September 1, 2017

The state of Hawaii has recently earned the remarkable distinction of being the best state in the nation in terms of women’s equality, based on a survey by WalletHub. If you’re in search of Maui real estate and gender equality is important to you, then you might just appreciate the findings of the survey, especially if you plan to pursue a career, raise a family, or maybe open a business here.

First, some background on WalletHub. It’s a financial news and resource website that covers a wide range of related topics. It compiles this list annually, marking Women’s Equality Day, and covers all 50 states in the process. There are 15 factors that go into the survey, and they fall into three main categories, including workplace environment, education rank and political empowerment.

Hawaii came in at No. 1 this year, and also in 2016. We ranked first in education and health, fourth in workplace environment and eight in political empowerment. Reaching such high marks in these categories has been exceptional and validating for the efforts of residents, businesses, education systems and government. And let’s not forget the wonderful non-profit organizations that help to enhance the quality of life here for everyone.

Just for reference, the top ten in order were Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Maine, North Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin and Vermont. Oddly, the results also show that Alaska dropped from No. 2 last year to No. 12 this year, thanks to a drop in the quality of workplace environments for women. The last 10 states ranked from best to worst in women’s equality were Colorado, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Utah.

Another part of the study that stood out was the fact that Hawaii has the smallest income gap between genders. That’s an important factor for women who want to earn enough income to buy a home on Maui. If you’d like to learn more about the particulars of the study, you can visit wallethub.com. As for your real estate search, if you need our assistance, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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