Hawaii Seniors 4th Healthiest in the Nation

May 29, 2015

A recent report from the United Health Foundation has revealed that Hawaii’s seniors are among the healthiest in the nation. While it’s true that some of that is attributed to ethnic trends, there are other factors. If you’re thinking of buying South Maui real estate for your retirement, you might find the following information worthwhile.

This information comes from America’s Health Rankings Senior Report, which ranked Hawaii at No. 2 last year, while it slipped to No. 4 this year. Regardless, our beautiful state is still ahead of the other 46, and that’s something to celebrate. The first three states were Vermont, New Hampshire and Minnesota, in that order. But do you really want to live in frigid winter temperatures? We have balmy white sand beaches and soothing tropical scenery.

One of the most important factors in Hawaii’s report was its health delivery system, according to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Hawaii Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Fujimoto. He emphasized not only the longer lives of Hawaii’s seniors, but also their excellent quality of life. Here, senior obesity rates are low, hip fracture rates are low, and there are many available geriatricians.

In Hawaii, seniors are mostly concerned with being underweight, and dealing with arthritis. The underweight trend is likely linked to our seniors with an Asian background. In any case, living in Hawaii provides a lot of convenient opportunities for a physically active lifestyle, whether that includes swimming or taking walks regularly.

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