Hawaiian Airlines Gets Top Rankings

November 19, 2010

Hawaiian Airlines was awarded top rankings for its September performance by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report. The great job the airline is doing, along with its subsequent public praise, isn’t just good for the airline itself, but for visitor travel in general. For many visitors, air travel is considered one of the biggest obstacles to the possibility of getting out here to the islands.

So what exactly did Hawaiian Airlines do right in September? Well first, they led the industry in punctuality nationwide with 95.8 percent of flights arriving on-time. Secondly, they had the best record in the industry for fewest canceled flights, as they only canceled two out of 5,484. Thirdly, the airline reported a perfect zero for involuntary denied boardings in the third quarter. The fact that they did so well in all these categories is no small feat!

While Hawaii’s visitor’s industry is clearly making rapid improvements, excellent service is more crucial than it has ever been. Anyone who deals with visitors should give them as much reason as possible to come back. Hawaiian Airlines is doing their part to bring excellence into the experience, and everyone else should take a cue from them, whether they work in vacation rental operations, airport services, or even shops and restaurants. We all have an influence on hospitality.

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