Lanai Real Estate

June 6, 2014

We’ve been through all the beautiful Maui real estate areas, along with the many charming options on Molokai, and now we’ve arrived at our final stop: Lanai! Before we get started exploring Lanai real estate, you should know that it’s not only smaller, geographically, but so is its population. Just how many people live on the three islands of Maui County, based on the most recent population count?

  • Maui – 144K (2010)
  • Molokai – 7,400 (2000)
  • Lanai – 3.100 (2010)

As you can see, there are vastly more people on Maui than Molokai and Lanai, but even Molokai’s population is more than twice that of Lanai, and probably more, since their most recent population count is ten years older. Geographically, Lanai consists of just 140 square miles of land, while Molokai is 260 square miles, and Maui is 727 square miles.

Compared to Molokai and Maui, Lanai is small, with few residents, so it’s ideal for those who prefer a quiet, private lifestyle. This is the island of choice for a long-term retreat, as it’s the least developed of the Hawaiian islands. The best part is that you can enjoy this tranquility just a few minutes away from town by car, or a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Maui by air or by sea.

There’s more to the lifestyle here than quiet and solitude. Two Four Seasons resorts bring you all the luxuries to indulge in, while adventure beckons from the rest of the island, which you’ll want a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore. First of all, there’s Lanai City, which is more like a quaint town, located at 1,700 feet above sea level. This central hub is where you’ll find the shopping, dining and local cultural experiences. As for the more natural areas, there are a few especially interesting places.

Hulopoe Bay – Envision pristine white-sand beach and serene blue ocean. That’s Hulopoe Bay, which many consider the perfect beach experience. Whether you prefer swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling, this spot is ideal. As if those qualities didn’t make it desirable enough, Hulopoe Bay also features a large spread of fascinating tide pools and a beach park that’s ideal for having a nice quiet picnic. As beaches go, this one is a must on the list of places to visit.

Shipwreck Beach – On the other end of the spectrum is this unique gem, which presents rougher conditions that aren’t great for swimming, but there’s a rugged beauty about this eight-mile stretch of sand that makes it interesting. In fact, there’s an actual shipwreck at this beach. In the 1940’s, an oil tanker ran aground here, and remains anchored to the coral reef that has grown around it. Stroll by Kukui Point to view the petroglyphs there, or just enjoy the stunning views of Molokai and Maui in the distance.

Garden of the Gods – Last, but not least, there’s the incredible rock garden of Keahiakawelo, known as the Garden of the Gods. A base of striking red dirt provides the floor for bizarre natural rock formations whose origins are shrouded in legend and mystery. It’s definitely another must see.

As for Lanai real estate, there’s just a smattering of homes, condos and land available at any given time, so you’ll have to watch the listings diligently as new properties come up for sale. Because of the limited volume available, it will take a while if you’re looking for something specific. That being said, with a little patience and our expert assistance, you might find your Lanai dream home. Mahalo for reading, and for taking this journey with us! – By Mark Harbison

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