Living in South Maui

January 25, 2013

Trying to decide where you want to purchase real estate on Maui? Those who are familiar with the island probably won’t have too much trouble deciding, because it’s easy to pick your favorite place when you have seen the options. For those of you who have recently fallen in love with Maui, and are looking for your dream home, hopefully we can shed some light on the part of the island that we love best.

South Maui is a beautiful shoreline community that includes Ma’alaea, Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. Ma’alaea is a small area of the South Shore that is centrally located, and the real estate options are few but fine. Kihei tends to offer the most affordable homes and condos, and is also the most active, with many shops, restaurants and other conveniences. In Wailea, you’ll find a transition to more south Maui luxury real estate, and several oceanfront hotels, with Kihei’s conveniences just a couple minutes away. Makena includes few luxury homes and a more remote setting for those who like a lot of privacy.

All these areas boast miles of gorgeous white sand beaches, except for Makena, where the land transitions to a rockier lava flow terrain that is home to incredible coral reefs. Makena is also typically the calmest, while Ma’alaea can get particularly windy as the day progresses. Kihei is your best option if you like to be at the center of whatever is happening in South Maui. Here, you can have your night life and beaches too. Ma’alaea itself doesn’t have much going on, aside from the shops around the Maui Ocean Center, a major Maui attraction. It may be further from Kihei’s hustle and bustle, but it is closer to downtown Kahului, as well as the West Maui areas of Lahaina and Kaanapali. Wailea provides comfortable and calm resort living, which has made it a favorite among retirees, celebrities, and those who enjoy relaxed island luxury. As for Makena, there are so few homes that it tends to be grouped with Wailea as a real estate category, and you won’t typically find anything out of the millions range.

If you want to find information on schools, churches, parks, restaurants and other areas of interest, visit our Maui information section. On the left, you can select the part of the island you would like to investigate, including South Maui. There is even information on the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. Take a gander at the specific things that are important to you. This tool can help you choose the best part of Maui for you, if you are still considering other areas.

We hope we’ve helped you get a feel for these places, at least as an overview. If you need more detailed information or you have any questions about buying real estate on Maui, our contact information is at the bottom of the page. We would be happy to assist you, and we wish you all the best in your Maui real estate search! Mahalo!

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