Lobby Lounge at Four Seasons Resort Maui: Restaurant Spotlight

September 18, 2022

South Maui is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for the best beaches to spend some of the best times of your life. When you visit South Maui, or even better, invest in a real estate property as your forever home, South Maui also boasts world-class restaurants you can explore and get the best dining experiences.

The Lobby Lounge

The South Maui restaurant scene is booming, and The Lobby Lounge is leading the charge! One of the restaurants you should consider is The Lobby Lounge. The Lobby Lounge overlooks the South Maui coastline offering some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Hawaii.

This restaurant is located in the luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Wailea, Maui, adjacent and surrounded by world-class, luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. The Lobby Lounge is the best place to unwind after a long day of exploring South Maui.

Lobby Lounge at Four Season Resort overlooks the Pacific Ocean from South Maui, so you can dine with the warmth of the ocean breeze from the nearby beach. When you’re looking for a great South Maui restaurant, the Lobby Lounge is always a good choice.

The elegant design and comfortable dining experience make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good meal.

Best Restaurants in Wailea

The Lobby Lounge is dubbed as one of the best restaurants in Wailea by locals and tourists alike.  The South Maui restaurant is perfect for those who are looking to have an intimate dinner or private event with a group. The best part about the Lobby Lounge is that it offers stunning beachfront views of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s one of the most opulent, popular spots you can dine in Wailea. The menu at the South Maui restaurant features fresh ingredients that are sure to please you. The chefs at Lobby Lounge are passionate about their food and it shows in every dish they create.

Fresh & Local Ingredients

As a high-end restaurant that offers quality food, The Lobby Lounge locally sourced fresh ingredients to create its dishes. This South Maui restaurant is dedicated to using the freshest, locally grown ingredients in all of its food items.

This commitment to quality food is one of the things that sets The Lobby Lounge apart from other restaurants in Wailea.

The fresh, local produce that chefs on The Lobby Lounge source from local partners in the islands are quite commendable. Their chefs strive for excellence by working with over 70 amazing farmers and fishermen all over Hawaii to bring you only the best of everything.

The commitment to quality extends beyond just the food itself – it’s about supporting the local community and economy on the island and creating a sustainable business model that benefits everyone involved. Offering our guests the freshest, most delicious produce available.

The produce is brought in daily and is always fresh. This commitment to quality is what sets them apart from other restaurants that make the experience more special.


The menu offers something for everyone, from light snacks to full meals, so you’re sure to find something that satisfies your appetite. So if you’re looking for a unique dining experience, be sure to check out the Lobby Lounge!

They offer an American cuisine with a Hawaiian twist that will tantalize your taste buds. Julie Nolan, a well-known and highly respected diet guru in the community can personalize to suit your needs, making sure you get the best experience you can.

The menu offers a great variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and also caters for The chefs at Lobby Lounge are passionate about their food and it shows in every dish they create.

From locally sourced ingredients to unique flavor combinations, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at the Lobby Lounge. Seafood salads are also something you can try to order and enjoy for yourself.


Their Bites Menu offers an array of options that’s definitely worth the money. Their Sushi Sampler, which comes in 18 pieces, is made from locally sourced fresh fish, prepared fresh, and is one of the best sushi you can eat.

This delicious roll is made from a variety of the best ingredients. With Ahi, salmon, and hamachi nigiri in every bite, you’ll be able to enjoy what these rolls are known for!

Their poke bowl is also one of the top-rated foods they serve. The Hawaiian staple is a must-try when you’re at the Lobby Lounge. It comes with Ahi tuna, Maui onion, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko served over sushi rice. This dish is healthy and flavorful, perfect for those who are looking for a light meal.

The place also caters to vegan food enthusiasts. You can order their Lobby Lounge Salad which is made with mixed greens, Hearts of Palm, and Endive mixed with pear for a delicious salad that will make you happy. The raisins give this dish an added touch while candied hazelnuts add the perfect amount of crunch from each bite.

Bar Beverages and Children’s Menu

Of course, as you set foot in the restaurant, you don’t want to miss their award-famous Mai Tais. You can order both alcoholic and non-alcoholic bar beverages from their menu. Our personal favorite would be the Talisman. This refreshing drink is made with Plantation Jamaican Rum, lime juice, shave ice, and all your favorite fruits. It’s perfect for those who love tropical flavors!

You can also try Cucumber Green Martini, this refreshing drink is made with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. The Crop cucumber vodka gives it an extra edge, while green tea leaves you feeling refreshed after every sip!

If you’re eating with your little one, they sure do have plenty of things you can order. From Mac’n Cheese, Chicken Tenders, to Frappes and Mocktails so they can also enjoy their time!

South Maui Restaurant is definitely the place to be whether you want good food, good drinks, or just a good time. They have everything you need and more so be sure to check them out when you’re in town!


The Lobby Lounge is located inside Four Seasons Hotel Maui in the heart of Wailea. It’s situated in some of the fanciest hotels and dining on the island. Its proximity to shopping centers like Azeka Shopping Center, boutiques, tourist attractions, and real estate properties makes it a convenient place to dine in.

The Lobby Lounge is the best restaurant if you’re looking for quality food, an intimate dining experience, or a private event venue. With its stunning oceanfront views, delicious menu items, and commitment to quality, it’s no wonder why this Wailea resto is so popular!

Serving Hours and Beverage Service

The Lobby Lounge, as part of a prestigious hotel, only has a limited serving time and only offers dinner. They serve dinner daily from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM every day of the week. So be sure to be at the location before their serving hours as The Lobby Lounge is a popular spot and can get crowded and seats are taken quickly.

Even for short dining service, the food at The Lobby Lounge tastes as good as it looks so every minute in the place is worth spending the time, it’s the experience that counts after all.

The place does not take reservations so you don’t need to book ahead, you can just wait. Though the dining hours are quite short, they offer beverage services from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM. So you can get in early, and try their award-winning Mai Tai.

Live Music

While sipping your Mai Tai, you can enjoy their live music that plays every day from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. The Lobby Lounge has different happy hour live music performers that play various genres such as pop, rock, and even jazz. The live music starts at around dinner time so you can enjoy your meal with a good soundtrack.

The best part about the live music is that it’s never too loud that it would disrupt your conversation with your dining companions. It’s the perfect volume to set the mood and atmosphere in the place.

Laid Back Atmosphere

The Lobby Lounge is not your typical American restaurant. It’s located inside a prestigious hotel and it has a luxurious atmosphere that would make you feel like you’re dining in royalty.

With its beautiful oceanfront views, stunning interior design, and amazing service, The Lobby Lounge is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and indulge for a date night or a special occasion with your family and/or friends.

If you’re looking for an intimate dining experience, The Lobby Lounge is the best restaurant for you. With its delicious food, gorgeous setting, and commitment to quality, it’s no wonder why this Maui Restaurant is making the buzz.

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