Maui County Alternative Energy Easier to Integrate

December 16, 2011

Efforts toward reducing energy use and developing renewable energy sources are galloping along on Maui, and now, the Public Utilities Commission has made it easier for alternative energy providers to connect to the public utility grid throughout Hawaii.

Being relatively small, isolated land masses, wise energy use is an important component of a healthy economy. For this reason, progress in that area is welcome, provided it is cost effective to everyone involved. According to Doug McLeod, the County Energy Coordinator, solar electricity is “exploding,” which is really no surprise. Maui gets plenty of sun. Apparently there are already 10 megawatts installed in Maui County.

Revisions from the PUC include a change to Tariff Rule 14H, which applies to the interconnection of distributed generating facilities capable of feeding power back to the main grid. The purpose of the changes is to make it easier for renewable energy to be provided to the main grid, despite the fact that energy from wind and solar power is nonfirm, meaning it fluctuates depending on the weather. It will be the job of the utilities to keep power stable. The process is a bit complicated, and if you want to research it in more depth, visit, under “Selected Dockets.”

As renewable energy relates to you as a consumer, once you’ve got your solar panels installed on your Maui home, not only can the harvested energy provide for your energy needs, but excess energy can be sold back to Hawaiian Electric Co. If you are in the market and you haven’t yet found the right Maui real estate, we’ll be happy to assist you. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, you might enjoy browsing our South Maui real estate listings. Mahalo!

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