Maui Economic Gains

December 18, 2009

Things are chugging along towards recovery on Maui lately with some pretty good news coming from different economic sectors.

Maui visitors and residents will be pleased to hear that hotel occupancy was up by 4.2 percentage points to 51.1 percent on the week ending on December fifth. Even more promising for tourists is the nine percent decline in room rates to an average of $186 per night. This drop is the highest of all the islands.

As for the state as a whole, hotel occupancy has climbed by 6.4 percent since the same week last year to 61.5 percent. Room rates were down 6.8 percent to $154 per night. All in all we are gaining visitors and the expense is lower.

Tourism is a huge factor in the economic well-being of Hawaii, so its great to see consistent improvements there. Recent gains have been seen in the stock market as well, with most Hawaii stock up with the Dubai bailout. Wall Street in general saw a lot of gains in conjunction with that event. Since the stock market is volatile by nature, it’s a good idea not to put too much stock (pun intended) into its daily fluctuations. Still, good news is good news! And we expect more to come.

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