Maui Electric Looking for New Renewable Energy Projects

January 20, 2017

Here on Maui, the mission for more sustainable energy continues. The goal is to bring down the cost of utilities while reducing environmental impact, and we’ve made healthy progress so far. In fact, Maui Electric Co. reports that 35.4% of their energy sales come from renewable sources. Eventually, the goal is to reach 100% renewable energy in Hawaii. If you’re considering a Maui real estate purchase, you may find the following news about Maui energy interesting.

Hawaiian Electric Co., the parent company of Maui Electric Co., is working with regulators to kick off the process of searching for new renewable energy projects on Maui, along with Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island. Based on their most current data, HECO’s renewable gigawatt hours includes 612 from wind, 417 from biomass (including waste to energy), 230 from geothermal, 53 from biofuels, and 51 from solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.

To ensure that customers reap the benefits of the new projects as soon as possible, HECO is specifically looking for those that would be ready by the end of 2020. This time frame is partly motivated by HECO’s plan to get the island of Molokai on 100% renewable energy by 2020, Lanai by 2030, and both Maui and the Big Island by 2040. This is definitely a plus for those considering a permanent move to the islands.

Once the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission opens a docket for the issuance of formal requests for proposals for each island, HECO can work on selecting the ones that best fit their goals among the bidders. You can learn more about the efforts of Maui Electric Co. and their plans by visiting

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