Maui Performs Well Against Global Destinations

March 1, 2013

Maui has been ranked No. 3 among the world’s island and sun destinations for hotel occupancy, according to Hospitality Advisors LLC and Smith Travel Research. Oahu was No. 1, while Kauai and the Big Island were also among the top ten. As a whole, the state came in after Singapore and South Korea for occupancy, but was only second after Singapore for the average daily room rate and revenue per available room. Hawaii’s isolation makes its performance all the more impressive, considering that Singapore and South Korea have an enormous pool of vacationers whose visits require relatively little travel, compared with Hawaii.

The report was calculated based on 2012 data, and Joe Toy, the president and CEO of Hospitality Advisors LLC, says we look like we’re heading for another strong year. He said our winter season has been very strong, with advanced bookings indicating a busy summer as well.

This, among other recent news, is great incentive for those considering a South Maui real estate purchase for use as a vacation rental, whether part time or full time. Maui hotels are notoriously expensive, so visitors like having alternatives, especially considering how beautiful some South Maui homes and condos can be. Even if the rental price is comparable to a hotel, savvy vacationers know that they can save a lot on dining if they have a kitchen they can cook in.

South Maui Homes

Maui’s hotel occupancy rate was 72.6 percent last year, after Oahu and Puerto Rico. We were also third for average daily room rates, after the Maldives and French Polynesia. It costs $257.95 per night on average to stay here, which is higher than all the other islands in Hawaii. Those renting out condos and small homes could certainly offer competitive pricing. And owning a second property on Maui makes it more convenient to live here full time, if you so choose. Maui came in third for RevPAR as well, which was the highest in the state. It seems as though Maui is nothing if not consistent, when it comes to the report’s findings.

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