Maui Real Estate IDX System Part II

June 26, 2009

In our last blog, we explained how to use our website to search for properties, save your searches, make a favorites list, suggest properties to friends, etc. We wanted to make all the best tools available to our web visitors to make their experience finding real estate as enjoyable and efficient as possible. So here are some of the other really valuable features you can find on our website.

Social network linking is provided for you on each property, so if you find a home for sale in Makena that you like, you can link it to Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious or reddit. This is especially convenient for those with friends or associates online that share similar interests. Recently, we have made it possible for you to search for properties from your mobile phone as well!

Say that you found a condo for sale in​ Kihei that you are interested in. If you click the listing, in the individual property view, you can scroll down the page below the pictures and find Maui Info, which will allow you to choose between schools, churches, restaurants and other areas of interest. If you click on the school button, for example, nearby schools will be listed. You can even select the distance from the property for which you would like to see results. You can click for more information on the listing, click to see the school on a map, or visit the listing’s website, when applicable. This feature should really help you get familiar with the areas that you find properties of interest, especially if you are not a Maui local.

Maui Homes for Sale in Makena

Also in the individual property view, when you scroll below the pictures and Maui Info icons shown above, you will find helpful tables of statistics relevant to the type of property that you are viewing. You can find stats such as how many units were sold in that area, what the average price was, the volume of sales, etc. These stats are listed in categories including the latest month, the month before that, or the averages from last year.

You will also find a helpful mortgage calculator which allows you to explore the numbers relating to each property. Below that is an ammortization calculator which gives you the ability to tinker with the numbers and see how the cost would change based on payment size, principal only payments, etc.

Last but certainly not least is our Real Estate Glossary. The glossary item appears in your menu, of course, and glossary terms can be browsed through. The best part is that this glossary tool will filter remarks, such as those in MLS listings, and will underline terms that exist in the glossary. When you scroll over those terms, the definition will pop up. This is particularly useful in the case of those that aren’t familiar with Hawaii real estate terms. So if that home for sale in​ Maalaea has an “Ohana,” you will quickly learn what that term means.

If you need any help with your website or your pursuit of great Maui real estate, just shoot an email to Mark or Lisa Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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