Maui Recycling and Employment Boost

November 1, 2013

Here on Maui, there are often reports about falling unemployment these days, and there are a lot of major strides being made in green living. However, it’s not often that we hear about substantial gains in both categories via one project. That’s exactly what we’re seeing from Anaergia Services.

This ambitious company was chosen by Maui County, after reviewing 20 proposals on enhancing Maui’s recycling. Now, Anaergia has announced their intention to incorporate more recycling into plans for a waste-to-energy plant at the Central Maui Landfill in Puunene.

What exactly does this entail, and what does it mean for Maui? The answer is that the new waste-to-energy plant would add 150 construction jobs and 20-40 permanent jobs. For a relatively small economy like ours, that is terrific news.

According to the Maui News, Arun Sharma, the president of Anaergia, stated that with the improvements in the plant design, the company can just about double the percentage of waste that will be shipped to theĀ Mainland for recycling. There will also be a substantial reduction in the residual waste produced by the plant.

This development is great for the economy and great for the environment. Responsible waste management is an important responsibility in any community. We represent real estate in South Maui, and here, there is a strong green culture that has been developing more and more every year. Our stunning slice of Maui is the site of many new energy efficiency developments, and those who are passionate on the subject are certain to be happy about Anaergia’s valuable contribution to Maui’s well-being.

We hope that all goes well with the company’s efforts, and that they meet and exceed all their goals. As for those of you reading to learn more about living on Maui, check out our Maui information page. If you need assistance with your real estate search, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo for reading this week! – By Mark Harbison

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