Maui Unemployment Falls Most Steeply

November 18, 2011

Unemployment is still falling in Hawaii, according to recent data from the state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

During the first week of this month, unemployment was 9.6 percent lower than it was the same week a year before. There were 1,951 jobless claims, as opposed to 2,158.

More importantly to us, Oahu was the only island to see an increase in unemployment claims filed, while Maui saw the most substantial drop. There were 242 claims filed that week on Maui, compared to 339 claims filed the same week last year. Kauai was next in line with a 26.8 percent decrease and then came the Big Island with a 24.9 percent drop. Oahu experienced a 3.4 percent increase, but that increase influenced the average for the state heavily because Oahu is the most populated island. They saw 1,177 filings, compared with 1,138 filings during the same week last year.

Between falling unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure filings and growing visitor spending, it’s hard not to be optimistic about the state’s recovery, but there is room for a lot more progress.

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