New Park Opens in South Maui

July 8, 2016

South Maui is a wonderful place to live. That is if you like breathtaking ocean views, miles of powdery white-sand beaches, and a dazzling array of fun shops and restaurants. Let’s not forget the world-class golf courses. Those are the big lures, but let’s not forget the smaller charms. For example, the new Moana Estates Park that just opened on July 1st, 2016.

If you’re thinking about buying south Kihei real estate, the new park will be especially convenient for you to access. This peaceful little spot includes a simple grass lawn and a comfort station. Sometimes, that’s all you need, and it makes for a great play space for the keiki (kids), too.

Small recreational spaces like this one can add a lot of enjoyment to your South Maui lifestyle, whether you want to walk the park regularly as a part of your exercise routine, or you simply want to have an old-fashioned picnic on the grass with friends and family.

Moana Estates Park will be open from 7 am to 7 pm daily, closing in the evenings to keep things peaceful and quiet for the homes nearby. You can access it from Moana Avenue via the Pu’uwai Place cul de sac, according to the County of Maui Department of Parks and Recreation. Based on google maps imagery, there is another parking lot accessible directly from Moana Avenue.

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