The Five Best Beaches in South Maui

April 7, 2017

If you’re going to choose South Maui real estate, why not take advantage of the soothing, healthy lifestyle that’s available in this amazing part of the island? Maui has around 30 miles of beach, which is more than any of the other Hawaiian islands, and a substantial portion of those beaches can be found in South Maui.

Between the vitamin D you get from sunlight, the trace minerals you get from ocean water, and the negatively charged ions carried inland by the ocean breezes, beach visits can do wonders for physical health, as long as you properly guard your skin from UV. The beauty of the ocean and the tranquil sound of the waves tumbling on the shore are also known to reduce stress and enhance our mental and emotional well-being. With all these benefits in mind, why not familiarize yourself with the beaches that you can frequent in South Maui? Each one is a little different…

Wailea Beach – This beach is ideal if you enjoy the social aspect of sharing the sand with resort visitors. Delightfully picturesque, with gentle waves and a very gradual slope, it consistently earns top ratings from beach-goers. From this idyllic stretch of sand, you can enjoy views of Kaho’olawe, Molokini, Lana’i, not to mention humpback whales at play for around half the year. The rocky outcroppings at its borders provide some nice spots for snorkeling.

Kama’ole Beach Park – This park includes three beaches, casually referred to as Kam I, Kam II and Kam III. Frequented by a mix of vacationers and local residents, these are favored by families because of the convenience of their facilities, and the proximity to shops and eateries just across the street from their rolling green lawns. Each of the three beaches is delineated by rocky outcroppings. The best one for snorkeling is on the north end of Kam I. All three are also outfitted with bathrooms, showers, grills and picnic tables.

Oneuli Black Sand Beach – Looking for something adventurous? Try heading out to this black sand beach, if you enjoy exploring interesting new landscapes. On the beach itself, the slope tends to be a bit steep, so it isn’t the best for sunbathing, but it’s an amazing place for snorkeling and diving, and it also tends to be less crowded than the other favorites. The corals and other sea life are especially abundant here, just past the water entry, and turtles frequent the area as well.

Makena Landing – Head out to this gorgeous spot for views of a dynamic coastline, and the neighboring islands. Known for its calm, protected waters, this one is a favorite for parents with young children, and there is plenty of the adults to enjoy as well. Kayaking is popular here, because the water entry is so very flat and calm. Add in the showers, restrooms and parking, and this beach is a real treasure.

Kalepolepo Beach Park – This is for those of you who enjoy Hawaiian culture and history. The beach features the ancient Hawaiian Ko’ie’ie fishpond, and you can find it on the northern end of Kihei, far from the crowded resort beaches. Peace and quiet bring a few local regulars. The rocky walls of the fishpond help protect the shore from surf, which makes it safer for kids. Even though it’s a small beach and a small park, it does feature grills if you want to barbecue.

To pick your own personal favorite, we recommend that you get out and explore. There are plenty of other fantastic beaches not on this list that might just make it to the top of yours. Just remember to be safe, pay attention to signs, and keep an eye on the weather. Watch for those clear, calm sunny mornings for the best possible conditions. If you need help finding South Maui real estate that puts you in close proximity to one of these natural treasures, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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