Tips on Staying Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 3, 2020

As uncertainty continues to grow around the coronavirus, or COVID-19, now is the most important time to get ahead of the issue by proper planning and strategy. So if you are worried, fearful, and/or afraid of this virus and the effects it will have on your health, and your bank account, don’t worry. Calm your nerves by looking through some of the latest real estate listings on Maui. Scroll through anything from homes for sale in Wailea to Kihei condo real estate while you are resting up and staying safe and give us a call when you are ready to learn more!

That being said, here are a few ways to be prepared and safe during this time. 

Wash Your Hands

This obviously goes without saying as washing your hands is the most effective way to prevent illness or the spread of illnesses. Doctors are encouraging all of us to be conscientious and wash our hands for at least 20 seconds after touching anything, using the bathroom, or being outside. 

Secure Your Money

As economic uncertainty continues to linger make sure that you put some money aside so you are being wise in the event that you can’t go back to work for a while. That means taking out money and putting it aside for now. Save your cash and coins and look for opportunities to make some extra money where you can and put it into a savings account for now. 

Stock Up

If you haven’t already been to the grocery store make sure you do that in the next week or so. Try not to go overboard but definitely plan in the event that you will need resources for at least two weeks.  And stock up on your medicine too.

Avoid Public Spaces

If at all possible, try to stay away from places that attract a lot of people like movie theaters, buses and restaurants. Shop locally instead and entertain yourself at home. 

Go To The Doctor

Whether or not you are displaying symptoms for the virus,  if you are feeling sick at all now is the time to go to the doctor. You will want to make sure that your immune system is strong during this time in the event that you come in contact with someone who has the virus.

Those are a few of our tips on how to survive this time.  Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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