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Three Kihei Restaurants Make Top 50 List at The Daily Meal

Three Kihei restaurants rank among the best in the nation, including Sansei and its multiple Hawaii locations.
December 02, 2016

Three Kihei Restaurants Make Top 50 List at The Daily Meal

Photo courtesy of Sansei Kihei :

We don't often get the opportunity to talk about what's happening in the wonderful world of dining, but being South Maui real estate specialists, how could we pass up on sharing about the three sushi restaurants in Kihei that made the top 50 list on The Daily Meal? For those of you who aren't familiar, The Daily Meal is an online community of culinary enthusiasts who feature stories, reviews, recipes and ranked lists, all to do with food and restaurants.

The three winners were Sushi Paradise, Koiso and Sansei, which has multiple restaurants, including one in Kihei. For some prospective Maui real estate buyers who are thinking about moving here permanently, good food is like the cherry on top of all the beautiful beaches, clean air and balmy weather. When it comes to sushi, being on a tropical island that thrives on seafood is a pretty good situation. Local fishermen bring in their fresh catches to some of the island's restaurants every day, and the variety is tremendous. So, here are a few sushi restaurants that you won't want to miss here on Maui.

Sushi Paradise - This charming sushi spot is easy to miss, tucked into a little strip mall where the locals know where to find it. With just three devoted individuals on staff, their work is a labor of love, and you can expect an intimate experience if you're willing to wait. Chef Watanabe will be hard at work behind the sushi counter, crafting his wonderful creations while his energetic wife waits the tables. As for the food, Chef Watanabe is known for his generous portions, and his spicy tuna is a big favorite among patrons.

Sansei - While Sansei's first restaurant opened up in the Kapalua Resort out in West Maui, their Kihei restaurant gets a lot of love from both local residents and visitors. Founder D.K Kodama has received big accolades for the quality of Sansei's food and service as a chain, which is notoriously challenging to achieve. Their specialty rolls are quite popular, and the favorites include the Panko-Crusted Ahi Roll and the Kapalaua Butterfly Roll.

Koiso - Right across the street from Kamaole Beach Park, this celebrated restaurant has earned stellar reviews from its patrons, and tables are in such high demand, it can be very hard to get in. Like Sushi Paradise, the keyword here is intimate, being that there are just fifteen seats. Once you're in, however, you get some of the highest-quality fish from the best sources. In fact, about a quarter of the fish comes straight from Japan, which is conveniently not too far from Hawaii. The rest of the fish is locally sourced from the waters around Hawaii. This restaurant is the place to try new types of fish for a rainbow of unique, pristine flavors.

Hungry yet? Amazing cuisine like this is just one more aspect of life to fall in love with when you're living on Maui. On that note, if you need our assistance making your Maui dream home a reality, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We would be happy to help you find the right one for your needs. Mahalo!

New Maui Veterinary Hospital Opens in Wailuku

It's a new veterinary hospital specifically designed for stress reduction among both patients and owners.
November 25, 2016

New Maui Veterinary Hospital Opens in Wailuku

Here is a bit of good news for Maui pet owners. Among the many new businesses opening up on Maui is a veterinary hospital located in Wailuku, which is in the Central Maui area, making it conveniently accessible to folks in the various other parts of the island. The hospital has signed a long-term lease and is now a part of the 1,012-acre Maui Lani master-planned community, owned by DKK Properties LLC.

DKK Properties plans to sell the building to Dr. Tana Weeks, who went from working at Wailuku Pet Clinic to establishing the hospital. The developer also owns a property in Kihei, and two on Oahu.

Maui pet owners will also be happy to know that Dr. Weeks aims to make this a stress-free hospital for pets. This should be a breath of fresh air for those with pets that suffer from anxiety at the vet. Some even seem apprehensive before they arrive, as if they know exactly where they're going. According to Weeks, the stress-free concept has been a goal of many veterinary hospitals all over the country. Evidently, some excellent innovations have been made to that end.

Some of the special stress-free features at the hospital are tables with built in scales for weight measurement, as well as separate entrances, exam rooms and boarding facilities for cats and dogs. The animals won't have to be dragged onto a scale, and the separation of dogs and cats will help keep the animals calm. In addition, there are special warming blankets to keep the patients from getting cold in surgery, and cages with warming plates to speed recovery afterwards. These are just a few of the ways this new hospital will reduce stress and enhance the health of their patients.

Dr. Weeks has accumulated a great deal of experience from nine different clinics, plus her schooling, over a 23-year period. Her many positions have given her a thorough understanding of all the various components in running a veterinary hospital, from dog walking to being a receptionist to working as a vet technician and finally, 15 years as a doctor. To make it a great veterinary hospital, she plans to combine her favorite qualities about each place where she has worked.

While we're on the subject of pet ownership, it can be notoriously challenging to have pets when you're renting, as many places don't allow animals or require a bigger deposit or even charge additional pet rent. A great way to escape the hassle is to buy a Maui home and live by your own rules. If you need our assistance with that, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

South Maui Shopping Center Expansion Halfway Complete

Formerly known as Shops on the Green, the Wailea Village Center has about 18 months until completion.
November 18, 2016

South Maui Shopping Center Expansion Halfway Complete

According to the developer of Wailea Village Center, which was formerly known as Shops on the Green, its expansion should be complete in 18 months or less. The center is one of many Maui commercial real estate developments that have been purchased this year. Hotel and retail developers have been very active in South Maui this year, and the center yet another example of big commercial investments that we've shared with our readers over the past several months.

The Wailea Village Center consists of 6.3 acres at the entrance of the Wailea master-planned community. When the expansion is complete, the shopping and restaurant complex will double in size to 43,000 square feet, according to owner and California-based developer, Burnham USA. The expansion of the center has recently been given approvals from the Maui Planning Commission for new buildings, although it should have had those approvals when it first got the go-ahead, according to County planner Candace Thackerson.

The Wailea property was purchased from Wailea Old Blue LLC by its current owners in May of 2015 for $11.3 million. The initial plan was to add commercial, office and retail space via six new single-story structures, in addition to the renovation of the existing structures on the property. However, the developer ultimately decided that three buildings, including single- and two-story structures, would be more appropriate given the slope of the land. 

According to Thackerson, the project is halfway done, and the expansion of the existing buildings has already been completed. When the new buildings are finished, the center will provide suites from 1,600 to 4,940 square feet in size. Among the existing occupants, you'll find Snorkel Bob's, Manoli's Pizza Co., Coldwell Banker and Juvenal's Hair Salon. It should be interesting to find out which other businesses will lease the spaces that will open when the project is complete.

We'll have to wait another 18 months or so to find out who the new tenants are. A lot can happen in just a few months. For example, you might become a South Maui property owner yourself, if you're in the market. Maybe you have your own vision of a good real estate investment and plans for what you might do with it. If you need our assistance with the process, we'll be happy to help you every step of the way. You'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page if you need us. Mahalo!

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Three Kihei Restaurants Make Top 50 List at The Daily Meal

Posted on December 02, 2016
Three Kihei Restaurants Make Top 50 List at The Daily Meal

Photo courtesy of Sansei Kihei :

We don't often get the opportunity to talk about what's happening in the wonderful world of dining, but being South Maui real estate specialists, how could we pass up on sharing… Continue Reading

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