East Maui Real Estate

Rugged and remote, East Maui covers the entire eastern side of Maui and includes the sleepy communities of Kipahulu and Hana. Perhaps, no other place on the island exudes a more relaxed and laid-back vibe than East Maui. Deeply provincial, this region has an incredible number of spectacular sceneries that draw outdoor lovers and avid explorers. Instead of exclusive golf courses and glitzy resort hotels, East Maui has a wealth of natural wonders. It has overgrown jungles, pristine swimming holes, rolling pineapple fields, and random street-side fruit stands selling smoothies and banana bread. Tucked in its lush rainforests are wild waterfalls, and littered on its rocky coastlines are sheltered coves.

East Maui covers 214 square miles, approximately 29% of the size of Maui. But with only about 2,291 residents, it has the lowest number of inhabitants among the regions. It is home to merely 1% percent of the total population of Maui, making it the least densely populated area on the island, with roughly ten persons per square mile.

Given its size, it is no surprise that East Maui teems with diverse attractions. The iconic Road to Hana passes through East Maui’s twisting cliffside highway, marked by thrilling hairpin curves and connected by one-lane bridges. The scenic town of Hana is arguably the crown jewel of East Maui. It boasts dramatic landscapes, ancient Hawaiian burial sites, dense rainforests, and the famous Wai’anapanapa State Park.

East Maui is also home to the Haleakala National Park, the access point to the massive 10,000-foot Haleakala crater. About 16 kilometers south of Hana, the farm community of Kīpahulou offers incredible views of windswept shorelines, flowing cascades, bamboo forests, lush hiking trails, and archeological sites. Here, you will find the famous Pools of Oheo, a series of tiered natural pools fed by streams and waterfalls. In the nearby district of Keanae, you can marvel at vast taro fields, a striking coast shaped by lava rocks, and a 19th-century stone church, the lone survivor of a devastating tsunami that hit the island in 1946.

Compared to the beaches on the island’s south side, the ones in East Maui are less developed. But it is the unspoiled aspect of these beaches that draw visitors. Its most frequented attractions include the black-sand bay of Honomanu, the isolated red-sand cove of Kaihalulu, the forest-fringed shore of Hamoa, and the surfing go-to, Hana Beach Park.

Blessed with natural beauty, East Maui attracts people seeking tranquility. But residing in East Maui can be challenging. Secluded from the rest of the island, the region retains its unfussy and true Hawaiian lifestyle. Some homes for sale in this remote community source their electric power from solar installations and running water from streams. There are areas where internet connection is often slow and intermittent, even non-existent. East Maui is a three-hour drive each way from the nearest shopping centers. Forgetting to buy something during your monthly supply run to Costco means settling for the higher prices of local stores or waiting till next month to refill your stock.

Undoubtedly, East Maui is not for everyone. Many who come here are hardy people who do not mind leaving behind a more conventional lifestyle to live off the grid. Others are affluent escapees who want to experience low-key luxury amidst idyllic surroundings. Despite its rustic feel, East Maui does have premium properties that lure real estate investors. These include beachfront and oceanfront condominiums, single-family homes in quiet neighborhoods, and prime vacant lots. Most property listings are in Hana, with a few in Kaupo and Keanae.

Unfortunately, East Maui has limited rental and homeownership opportunities. There is often a shortage of property for sale, and the competition is fierce. With fickle market trends, investing in real estate can be tricky. For this reason, it is best to consult experts to help you with your East Maui real estate property investment.

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