New Maui Veterinary Hospital Opens in Wailuku

November 25, 2016

Here is a bit of good news for Maui pet owners. Among the many new businesses opening up on Maui is a veterinary hospital located in Wailuku, which is in the Central Maui area, making it conveniently accessible to folks in the various other parts of the island. The hospital has signed a long-term lease and is now a part of the 1,012-acre Maui Lani master-planned community, owned by DKK Properties LLC.

DKK Properties plans to sell the building to Dr. Tana Weeks, who went from working at Wailuku Pet Clinic to establishing the hospital. The developer also owns a property in Kihei, and two on Oahu.

Maui pet owners will also be happy to know that Dr. Weeks aims to make this a stress-free hospital for pets. This should be a breath of fresh air for those with pets that suffer from anxiety at the vet. Some even seem apprehensive before they arrive, as if they know exactly where they’re going. According to Weeks, the stress-free concept has been a goal of many veterinary hospitals all over the country. Evidently, some excellent innovations have been made to that end.

Some of the special stress-free features at the hospital are tables with built in scales for weight measurement, as well as separate entrances, exam rooms and boarding facilities for cats and dogs. The animals won’t have to be dragged onto a scale, and the separation of dogs and cats will help keep the animals calm. In addition, there are special warming blankets to keep the patients from getting cold in surgery, and cages with warming plates to speed recovery afterwards. These are just a few of the ways this new hospital will reduce stress and enhance the health of their patients.

Dr. Weeks has accumulated a great deal of experience from nine different clinics, plus her schooling, over a 23-year period. Her many positions have given her a thorough understanding of all the various components in running a veterinary hospital, from dog walking to being a receptionist to working as a vet technician and finally, 15 years as a doctor. To make it a great veterinary hospital, she plans to combine her favorite qualities about each place where she has worked.

While we’re on the subject of pet ownership, it can be notoriously challenging to have pets when you’re renting, as many places don’t allow animals or require a bigger deposit or even charge additional pet rent. A great way to escape the hassle is to buy a Maui home and live by your own rules. If you need our assistance with that, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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