South Maui Real Estate Market Sales and Prices Remain Steady

January 11, 2019

Have you been keeping up with property sales on Maui? Are you considering buying a home in South Maui or perhaps thinking about purchasing a real estate investment vacation condo in Wailea? Well, if this sounds like you, then it helps to stay up to date with the latest in real estate market trends on the island so you know exactly what to expect for your Hawaii home purchase. Right now the South Maui real estate market continues to remain strong and steady.

According to the market report from the Realtor’s Association of Maui, Maui’s property market in November continued to impress and remain strong. For real estate in Kihei, there were 12 single family homes sold for a total of $14,662,000 with a median sales price of $781,500. Compared to October where there were 13 units sold at a median sales price of $749,000, these statistics show that homes are still selling and for a good price on the island.  In Wailea, there were three single family units sold for a total of $10,500,000 for a median sales price of $2,100,000. Last month, there were two units sold in the same area for a total of $3,315,000 and a median sales price of $1,657,500. As for  South Maui condo sales, there were 52 units sold in Kihei and 13 in Wailea showing that sales are good in this part of the island.

That’s an overview of the latest for market trends on Maui. If now seems like a good time for you to buy then contact us today and let us help you into a new home on Maui. As always, here at Real Estate Maui Hawaii, we love to keep ourselves and other home buyers such as you up to date with the latest statistics regarding the real estate market in Maui. You may continue to check back with us each month as we provide monthly overviews regarding the market on Maui and in South Maui in particular. We hope you enjoyed learning about what happened in the last few months on Maui and look forward to following the market into 2019. Have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon. Let us know what your plans are for housing in the new year and if we can help you along your journey. Stay in touch and aloha and a hui hou!

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