Hawaii Budget Includes New High School for Maui

May 3, 2013

Hawaii lawmakers have planned a $130 million Kihei high school into the state’s proposed $23.8 billion biennium budget, which means that the school will be fully-funded for the fiscal year of 2015, so it can be fully built all at once rather than in phases. This will save the state about $20-$25 million, according to State Senator Roz Baker, who also pointed out that this amount is about the cost of a new elementary school.

We’re excited that the outcome is so positive, especially considering the possibility that only a portion of the necessary $130 million would be available, slowing down the school’s development. We know how important education is for families moving to South Maui. You want to know your kids are going to get a good education wherever you plan to relocate them. Since a healthy lifestyle, clean air, lots of physical activity and an economy with growing momentum can be checked off the list, it’s nice that we’ll soon be able to add a brand new high school to that.

The school will be located mauka of Piilani Highway, which means on the side toward the mountain, not the ocean. According to Roz Baker, it will be situated on 77 undeveloped acres in Kihei. As for construction, the entire project will be put out to bid, and will be able to proceed as of July 1st, 2015. Another bonus is the jobs that will be created via construction temporarily and via staff and faculty permanently because of this high school, so it’s a win-win all around.

Aside from the Kihei school, the state budget is made up of over $3 billion in capital improvement projects, with $400 million going to school infrastructure repairs. There will also be millions allocated to health care, education and nonprofits.

We look forward to this school offering South Maui home owners the added convenience of a closer high school location that what exists currently, and it is relieving to know that all the funding is in place, and has been approved. If you are on the hunt for South Maui real estate and you would like some assistance, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, feel free to browse our website for all the wonderful listings on the market! Mahalo!

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