Human Resources Class for Maui Students

July 31, 2009

For those of you Maui residents considering a career in human resources, a class is approaching to help you learn entry-level skills for it. The class is being held by VITEC which specializes in continuing education, so they are packing in a lot of information in a short and convenient period of time. The goal is to allow you to work alongside your training without making your schedule impossible. They have achieved this for many past students.

As for the course, it is designed for beginners who are aiming for a Human Resources profession or small business owners who can’t hire an HR specialist but want to keep their knowledge of employment standards sharp. If you do own a company, the class aims to teach you how to implement HR Best Practices in order to prevent litigation. International HR personnel can also take this opportunity to learn about fundamental HR practices in the U.S.

Taking the class will make you eligible to register for the SHRM test which, if you pass, will award you your Essentials of Human Resources Management Certificate.

Class dates are from August 3rd to September 2nd and the hours are from 5:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. Cost is $469 including materials. The class will be held at Maui Community College. You can call (808) 984-3231 to register or visit the course webpage.

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