Maui Real Estate Price Charts by Area

August 26, 2016

Where should you buy real estate on Maui? If your budget factors into this question, you might just benefit from a handy, easily accessible guide to Maui real estate prices by area. Follow the link and you’ll find our simple charts including the year-to-date average and median prices for homes, condos and land, by the area where they are located.

While you might have a hankering to buy real estate in a certain area, getting a sense of the price range can affect your decision. For example, we specialize in South Maui real estate, and if you look at prices from the Wailea/Makena area, you may or may not find that the median price of $3,460,000 for a single-family home is out of your budget. But take a glance at Kihei, which is right next door. You’ll find that prices are substantially lower, at a median of $620,000, and you can still enjoy many of the same qualities that you liked about Wailea/Makena. Both feature miles of stunning white sand beaches, sprawling ocean views, whale watching, beautiful parks, world class golf located nearby, and a myriad of shops, restaurants and spas.

Although you may have started out in search of a home, you might find that a condo suits your needs better, and the price gap between Kihei and Wailea/Makena is smaller if you’re looking at condos. Currently, the year-to-date median for a Kihei condo is $330,000, while the median for a Wailea/Makena median is $990,000.

These charts can also be handy if you’re deciding between completely different environments. For example, you could be choosing between homes near the beach in South Maui, or Upcountry on the slopes of Haleakala where temperatures are cooler and views often span from South Shore to North Shore. The median price of a single family home in the Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio area is currently $685,000. This price is comparable to Kihei’s median of $620,000, but these Upcountry neighborhoods boast lower housing density, which equates to more privacy and less noise. You’ll find some “suburban” community layouts, but much of the real estate in these areas is rural.

If your budget is an important factor in your decision, then these price charts can provide you with an invaluable overview to get you started. Diving straight into a sea of listings can be overwhelming to some, so why not have a look at the big picture before you get swept up in the details? Our Maui real estate price charts are updated each month to reflect year-to-date figures, which we receive from the Realtors Association of Maui, which is responsible for collecting and compiling this data. If you need our assistance through any step of your decision making process, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We strive to provide you with clarity and guidance as you take this important next step in your life. Mahalo!

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