New Walgreens Planned for South Maui

June 5, 2015

Things are marching right along for South Maui real estate, and some interesting developments are in the works. Namely, a new Walgreens will be built in Kihei, and is expected to be open by 2017. The drugstore stocks a lot of convenient items, but the pharmacy is the most important feature of all, saving many South Maui residents from driving all the way to Kahului to pick up their prescriptions.

Maui’s fourth Walgreens will consist of 14,550 square feet on two acres of vacant Kihei land next door to McDonald’s. The store will cost around $3 million. It will provide employment for around 30 people, and its hours will be 7am to midnight, seven days a week. It may or may not have a drive-through pharmacy to bring its customers a new level of convenience. Just imagine grabbing a cheeseburger next door and promptly picking up some medication to save you from it!

Walgreens still has a lot of hoops to jump through, which is probably why completion is estimated for 2017. Although their draft environmental assessment has been filed, they still need to purchase the property with the stipulation that the zoning can change to commercial. Then the land needs to be consolidated and subsidized. Finally, Walgreens will need a special management area use permit. Being the largest drug store chain in the country has its benefits when it comes to tackling such challenges, a couple of them being a strong legal team and plenty of capital.

Interestingly, this information came along with the news that Walgreens has canceled its plan to open its first store on Kauai at the Hokulei Village shopping center.

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